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Bill (51) helps out at the Food Bank!

The Food Bank cares for people who don't have trouble with providing food for themselves or their kin. By collecting food and receiving donations they provide a meal for everyone. Bill, a banker in his everyday life, considers it his duty to volunteer at the food bank to help people who cannot effort the luxury he can effort.

"I started out by donating money, but over time I distributed the ingredients into meals and handed out the meals myself". Bill has volunteered for the Food Bank for a while now and explains about the kind of opportunities out there. "There are different possibilities for everyone. Often you do several things at the same time, because evidently there are also jobs that people would prefer over other jobs. The most popular, I think, is the distributing the meals. You have direct contact with the people who come to pick up their melas and by doing that, you really see why you've applied for the Food Bank. The other two, or no, actually three, tasks are sorting the ingredients and storing them in the warehouse, and supplying the store. Of course, there is always some cleaning work involved, but of course, that's always a quick job: many hands make light work!".

When asked what Bill likes most about helping at the Food Bank, he doesn't immediately have an answer. "I'm a bit in between: I really like helping people, but I also like the contact with the other volunteers. It's one of those two, and I actually think it's both. The other volunteers often really make your day. Volunteering at the food bank also presents you with an opportunity to step out of the company culture and get in touch with other volunteers.”

“Many hands make light work!”

There are over 3 million children in Great Britain living below the poverty line. That is why the Food Bank always needs volunteers and why it is a popular volunteering opportunity. This doesn’t mean that the only way you can contribute is by volunteering on the spot. Another important way to volunteer is by donating food and donating money to buy the food. The Food Bank always needs your help. That is why they are looking for you! So, if you are interested, sign up HERE.

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